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The ElecTech Council is moving fast: Since May 2017, ESCO has become The ElecTech Council, representing the electech industry sector comprising the electronics, electrical, electro-technical and embedded software and systems industries. Find out more at http://www.electechuk.net .

Warren East

Jamie Urquhart

Sir Hossein Yassaie

“At the heart of many societal advancements is the enabling technology of Electronic Systems.” Warren East, ARM

While there is a fundamental dependence today, by 2020 it will be even more so. Business opportunities will be huge with no single nation having a global monopoly. Through close scrutiny, ESCO demonstrates the UK is one of the globally recognised nodes of leading capability and excellence in the world. Yet this position is under threat from other regions where the strategic partnerships between industry, academia and government is stronger.

“…failure to recognise the importance of Electronic Systems would be a very dangerous development for the UK… a strategic and lasting partnership with government is fundamental to our future success” Sir Hossein Yassaie, Imagination Technologies

By working together, industry, academia, government and public sector bodies can deliver results. However, it cannot be left to government to improve the future prospects of the industry; that’s down to us, the leaders of the industry today, to identify where improvements can be made and then take ownership to make them happen.

“We believe our future is in our hands and I call on the sector to rally resources behind the leading organisations driving developments forward” Jamie Urquhart, ESCO Report Chairman / Pond Ventures

We therefore commend the ESCO Report to you unreservedly and encourage your participation in order to realise our collective ambitions and the resultant economic benefits towards 2020 and beyond.

Global Factors

The development, production and manufacture of Electronic Systems operates on a global scale yet it is recognised that some regions of the world have achieved significantly more prominence than others. The economies of countries such as South Korea, Taiwan, Japan and the US all benefit from a strong electronic systems capability. These outcomes have not been a happy accident but the result of strong and long-term partnerships between government and Industry. We must build those partnerships both here in the UK and within Europe if we are to capitalise on both our vertical and sector strengths.