BSI’s Scott Steedman joins the ESCO Council

photo Dr-Scott-Steedman

ESCO is delighted to announce that Dr Scott Steedman CBE, Director of Standards at BSI, has joined the ESCO Council.

Scott joined BSI in January 2012. An engineer by background, Scott has spent most of his career working in industry for consulting and contracting companies on major infrastructure and building projects around the world. He is a former Vice President of the Royal Academy of Engineering where he continues to act as Editor-in-Chief of the Academy’s flagship magazine, Ingenia.

Brian Holliday, Chairman of the ESCO Council, said: ‘We are very pleased that Scott has joined the Council. In addition to his extensive academic and business experience, his pivotal role at BSI allows him to add much needed expertise in the important area of standards, especially in the development of new standards for emerging technologies which have the potential to address some of the key societal challenges facing the modern world.

‘The internet of things is one such emerging technology, and has the potential for use in many domestic and industrial applications and which will require broad cooperation on the development of international standards to ensure interoperability across diverse platforms .’

Scott Steedman remarked: ‘Taking a strategic view of the role of standardisation is becoming increasingly important as technology convergence, servitisation and digitisation transform the economies of leading industrial countries around the world.

‘ESCO is very well placed to provide this focus for the UK electrical and electronics industries in their interface with European and international standardisation. We look forward to it developing as a significant element in the UK national committee of the IEC (the International Electrotechnical Commission, the principal international standards body for these technologies). This will enable UK industry to work with BSI with renewed vigour in driving the standards agenda, and offering strategic support to the several thousand industry experts who represent UK interests on the international stage.’

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