European Commission seeks feedback on the impact of regulation on innovation

It is a high priority for the Commission to ensure that the conditions are right for innovation in Europe – and they are interested in input from industry across Europe.

DG Research and Innovation, with the support of E&Y/Technopolis, is running a survey on the “Impact of Regulation on Innovation” in order to improve the regulatory framework for fostering new technologies and new forms of innovation.

You can have your say by participating in the survey: “Impact of Regulation on Innovation”. Your contribution will be an important step in furthering the analysis on how the regulatory environment at EU level can hamper or stimulate innovation.

The survey will run until 9 May 2016.

In a speech given in June 2015, Carlos Moedas, the Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, defined three strategic priorities: Open Innovation, Open Science and Open to the World.

With the aim of helping build an Open Innovation ecosystem in Europe, the European Commission’s concept of Open Innovation is characterised by:

  • combining the power of ideas and knowledge from different actors (whether private, public or civil society/third sector) to co-create new products and find solutions to societal needs;
  • creating shared economic and social value, including a citizen and user-centric approach;
  • capitalising on the implications of trends such as digitalisation, mass participation and collaboration.

There are three main areas of work:

  • Regulatory reforms
  • Boosting private investment in research and innovation
  • Maximising Impacts

See the Open Innovation Home page for more details

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