Horizon 2020 contracts ‘will be honoured’, Cameron says

Research contracts under the Horizon 2020 programme, signed before the date on which the UK leaves the European Union, will be seen through to the end, prime minister David Cameron has assured MPs.

Speaking at a House Common debate on 27 June, the first after the referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU, Cameron said that all Horizon 2020 contracts “will be honoured for their duration”.
“Science is an area in which we get more out from Europe than we put in and we’ll certainly want to safeguard that for the future,” Cameron said.

However, it will be a task for the next prime minister to decide whether the UK remains in the European Economic Area and under what terms, as well as what would happen to the UK’s access to Horizon 2020 after Brexit takes place, he said. Cameron added that the UK’s stance on freedom of movement would also be decided and negotiated by his successor.

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