The ESCO Council has changed to The ElecTech Council!

The ESCO Council has now changed to The ElecTech Council as of May 2017. It is led by its new CEO Tony King-Smith, with an expanded panel of industrialists and industry bodies, supported by InnovateUK and BEIS.

To see more about what’s happening with The ElecTech Council, see http://www.electechuk.net or contact Tony at tony@electechuk.net.











Peter Brooks Electronics Yorkshire and ESCO Executive

Peter Brooks
Electronics Yorkshire



Howard Banks, BEAMA

Howard Porter


Kevin Baughan       InnovateUK





Alison Burdett                Toumaz


About the ESCO Executive

Formerly the UK Electronic Alliance (UKEA), the ESCO Executive comprises the leading trade associations and other representative bodies providing a forum for the electronic systems community to share experience, best practice and resource to address common issues and a two way communication channel with Government departments and agencies to enable them to better support our community where appropriate.

The UKEA was formed to address what the DTI Electronics Innovation and Growth Team (EIGT) Report, published in 2005, cited as ‘the fragmented, diverse nature of the (electronics) industry (that had) difficulty representing itself to Government and vice versa (which) led to delays in addressing some of the key issues which impact on its performance’.

Our members are:

About the ESCO Report

The report arose from a series of meetings between senior industry executives, trade associations, academic institutions, skills bodies and Government against a profound backdrop of economic change. Mark Prisk, the Minister of State for Business & Enterprise at the time, endorsed the production of a “state of the nation” report into UK Electronic Systems and was keen to understand the actions that Government could take to support the development of such a strategically and economically important industry.

The primary aims of the report were to:

  • Engage the UK Electronic Systems industry in working together to deliver our long-term future
  • Address the lack of awareness within government and the key “Vertical Market” sectors of the importance of Electronic Systems
  • Present an ambitious vision for our future, supported by a pragmatic Action Plan.