Economic footprint

Since 2012, UK electronic systems industry has grown from employing 850,000 to just over 1m in the UK; 3.3% of the UK workforce, up from 2.9% in 2012.

  • Around half of this employment is found in the 30,000 enterprises whose business is overtly the provision of Electronic Systems and the technologies and capabilities they need.
  • The other half of Electronic Systems employment is embedded within businesses that would classify themselves by vertical market domains: such as aerospace, defence, healthcare, retail, media and education. Here Electronic Systems are a vital enabler to their primary product or function to improve functionality, reliability, reduce cost etc.

The direct economic contribution from the UK electronic systems industry is now £98bn, up from £78 bn in 2012, 5.76% of UK GDP.

For the sectors industrial strategy it is important that a ‘one size fits all’ approach is not taken. The UK needs to continuously enhance its capability to produce high-tech start-ups, but it also needs to acknowledge that around half of employment within the sector is in companies in the 250+ category; a significant proportion of which are multinational corporations that continue to invest in the UK in the face of significant international competition.

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