Research & Technology

Research and Technology is fundamental to the business development and future growth of the Electronic Systems Community and the vertical markets it supports.

A principal outcome of the R&D workstream in the ESCO report was the formation of a Technology Group (TG) – a forum that could act as the cohesive voice of the Electronics Systems Community on technology issues, and informing strategic technology direction and priorities of the ESCO Council and appropriate Government organisations.

The ESCO TG is currently undertaking an industry survey to understand the drivers and
barriers for electronic systems Research and Development within the UK.

If you do R&D related to Electronic Systems, you are encouraged to contribute so that the outputs reflect industry needs and activity. The link to the survey is:
Responses due by 30th June 2015

The responses will be used to produce a report highlighting the key factors driving, and the barriers limiting, electronic systems R&D within the UK. The ESCO Council will use this report as a basis to make appropriate recommendations to Government, funding bodies and research/technology development communities regarding focus priorities for public funding and support, in order to promote the ESCO industry growth goals.

About the ESCO Technology Group

The TG takes high level direction from the ESCO Council as well as advising and informing the Council on key technology priorities and issues.

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The ESCO TG will lead and put in place the mechanisms to:
• Evaluate, define and refresh strategic technology priorities for the ESCO Community.
• Create and analyse a coherent database of technology resources, capability and infrastructure etc.
• Take account of newly emerging technology needs.

• Develop and prioritise technology and business R&D themes
• Inform the thinking of the ESCO Council regarding technology priorities
• Communicate with Government, funding bodies and research/technology development communities.
• Progress strategic technology needs through direct intervention and/or partnership with government stakeholders as appropriate.
• Recommend and prioritise the focus areas for public funding and support
• Facilitate the delivery of community participation and action.

TG Actions for 2015

• Develop and deliver a survey on technology priorities and issues that involves as wide a cross-section of the Electronic Systems technology community as possible.
• Develop a 2-year action plan that includes the survey and the delivery of prioritised outcomes through working groups developed from the survey.
• Develop the TG as the recognised technology ‘voice’ of the ES community, both within the community and externally to key stakeholders and vertical markets
• Set the frame for technology delivery vehicles:
o Clarify the business processes and activities needed to support the progression of technology from research to deployment
o Influence how Innovate UK, Catapult, European and other relevant programmes take account of Electronics Systems priorities

The ESCO TG Leadership:

Industry Members:

Alison Burdett, Toumaz Group (Chair)
Alastair McGibbon, NMI (ESCO lead)
David Jackson, Altran
Ian Philips, ARM
Woz Ahmed, Imagination Technologies
Simon Fletcher, NEC
Peter Allsopp, GE Aviation
Andrew Birnie, Freescale
Adrian Shipley, Rolls Royce Controls and Data Services
Trevor Cross, e2V
Chris Firth, Thales
Michael Wale, Oclaro
Mike Banach, Plastic Logic
John Griffin, Selex
Graeme Philp, Gambica
Derek Boyd, NMI

Academic Members:

Anthony O’Neill, University of Newcastle
Steve Furber, University of Manchester
George Constantinides, Imperial College, London
Ian Reid, CENSIS

Public Sector Members:

Adam Crook, BIS
Ian Williams, BIS
Vivienne Blackstone, EPSRC
John McLean, STFC
Myrddin Jones, InnovateUK
Nigel Rix, KTN