Counterfeit mitigation

Counterfeit, fraudulent and non-conforming components and products in the electrical and electronic systems supply chain is now a fact of life that affects all companies, probably whether they know it not, and the nature of the threat is changing, with a wide range of old and new technologies being counterfeited and supplied from a wide range of sources.

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ESCO manages a free-to-access online resource signposting the most relevant information and the latest developments to combat the threat for all organisations concerned about counterfeit electronics.

Use the website¬†to….

  • Search, upload and comment on parts in a database of suspected / alleged counterfeit components
  • Search for articles, best practice, events, organisations, publications, reliable component sources, solution providers and much more
  • Register to receive alerts on new content and part numbers and send private messages to other users

ESCO, together with ACI, BEAMA, LIA, ESCO and GAMBICA and supported by Voltimum, also participates in an industry initiative to educate and inform contractors, installers, and specifiers to the damaging consequences to the industry from the trade in non-compliant product, whilst raising the profile to the wider stakeholders of issues with non-compliant products.